Men’s Sun Shirts vs. Women’s Sun Shirts

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Written by Elmo Gargulinski

Also known as the Sun King, Elmo Gargulinski has three favorite activities. One is eating. The second is basking in the sun. And the third is answering questions about UPF50 sun shirts and related topics.

Dear Elmo,

What’s the difference between a women’s sun shirt and a men’s sun shirt?

When you’re looking at the difference between the men’s and women’s sun shirts we sell, it all comes down to the cut and fit. Here comes a quick rundown on the main differences between the two styles.

Women’s Sun Shirts: Standard Scoop Neck

  • Neckline: Scoop neck
  • Sleeve: Raglan sleeve, with the sleeve extending to the neckline and the stitching at an angle
  • Length: Back of the shirt is slightly longer than the front of the shirt, with the back hem featuring a slightly rounded cut that is longest in the center
  • Overall fit: The women’s style is a shade more form-fitting than the men’s style.

Men’s Sun Shirts: Standard Crew Neck

  • Neckline: Crew neck
  • Sleeve: Set-in sleeve, with the sleeve set-in the body of the shirt, attached at the shoulder and the stitching perpendicular to the neckline
  • Length: Back and front of shirt are same length
  • Overall fit: The men’s style has a roomy, boxier fit

What About Unisex Sun Shirts?

Here at Cape Life, the unisex sun shirt style is the same as the men’s sun shirt. Here you get the crew neck, straight-down shoulder seams, and a roomier fit than the women’s cut.

How do the sizes compare between the men’s/unisex and women’s sun shirts?

The men’s/unisex sun shirts run slightly larger than the women’s sun shirts. The general rule of thumb is to expect a one-size difference between the men’s/unisex and women’s cut.

Sun Shirt Size Comparison

  • Men’s/Unisex Extra Small = Women’s Small
  • Men’s/Unisex Small = Women’s Medium
  • Men’s/Unisex Medium = Women’s Large
  • Men’s/Unisex Large = Women’s Extra Large

NOTE: All the information here relates to the standard sun shirts sold by Cape Life Different manufacturers may have different cuts, styles and/or designations for their specific shirts.

Wow, Elmo. That’s some detailed information! Thank you!

You are welcome. Now I must nap.

Quick Note on this Men vs. Women’s Sun Shirt Blog

This blog is from a series called: Short Answers to Common Sun Shirt Questions. We could have put all the info in one big-long blog but then it would be one big-long thing to read. We’re keeping it short and sweet.

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