About Us

It all Started..... The Record Plant 1980


That's when I was a roadie and bus driver for the Detroit Band  " The Rockets", I'm wearing the wife beater tank, standing next to Jack Douglas, our Producer at the time.   Three years later, while still on the road I discovered the wonderful world of Concert Merchandise and started working for Winterland Productions.  I handled tour merchandise on the road for bands such as; Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac just to name a few .


After my life on the road I started a screen printing company where we did contract printing for companies that shipped all over the world.   

A few years later I was selling licensed merchandise to stores across the United States from your local "Mom and Pop" stores to the giant chains.

Now in my later years I'm still printing and selling shirts, the process is a lot different from when I started in 1983,  all my UPF50 shirts are a dye sublimation print / the only way they should be printed (silk screening ruins these types of shirts ... BEWARE)   all my Cotton shirts are printed using the latest technology called DTG, its a water based ink and has a nice soft feel.   "its all about the t shirt" 

Steve "New Wave" Lane



Why is UPF 50+ Apparel Unique


 protects your skin against harmful UV rays. The Solar Performance line is ideal for team sports, workforces, adventures, coastal sports, and any high endurance activity. Featuring UPF 50+ solar protection, the Solar Performance fabric is lightweight, comfortable, and built to last. 


Skin Cancer Foundation

 Vapor Apparel has received the

Seal of Recommendation for sun protection clothing

The Skin Cancer Foundation considers this clothing to be the most safe and effective defense against skin cancer and ageing.



 is technology that keeps you cool and dry every time you wear it. PURE-tech™’s intelligent design delivers superior moisture-wicking features shown to improve the body’s core performance. Our UV-certified fabrics dry rapidly and maximize absorbency. PURE-tech™ is permanent and proven to last, providing effective moisture-wicking capabilities throughout the life of the garment.  Wash after wash, and game after game — PURE-tech™ stands up to the toughest athletic challenges, keeping you cooler and dryer longer than non-performance apparel.  


 is Zinc based technology keeps fabrics fresh and defends against odor causing bacteria. In addition to providing enhanced performance during use, the antimicrobial feature also helps to extend the useful life of the product. 

What is Eco REPREVE®?


  Soft, supple and sustainable? That’s what you get when you combine our unique blend of fibers into our Made in the USA fabrics. Made right here in the Carolinas every shirt stops 5 to 6 water bottles from hitting the land fill. 

 Did we tell you they were soft? Our 50% REPREVE® Poly / 50% Cotton blend is soft to the touch. And our 50% REPREVE® Poly/ 37% Modal/ 13% Cotton fabric just may be the softest sustainable garment in the market today. 


Made in the U.S.A