It all Started..... The Record Plant 1980

That's when I was a roadie and bus driver for the Detroit Band  "The Rockets," I'm wearing the white tank top. I discovered the wonderful world of Concert Merchandise in 1982 and began working for Winterland Productions. I handled the tour merchandise for bands such as; Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac just to name a few.

After my life on the road I started a screen printing business where we did contract printing for companies that shipped all over the world. A few years later I was selling licensed merchandise to stores across the United States from your local "Mom and Pop" stores to large department chain stores.

Now in my later years you can find me still printing and selling shirts. The process is a lot different from when I started in 1982, all of my UPF50 shirts are printed through a process called dye sublimation - the only way I believe they should be printed (silk screening ruins these types of shirts ... BEWARE). "It's all about the shirt!"

Steve "New Wave" Lane

Semper Fi

who we are now

I've come a long way from being a rowdy roadie, selling shirts alongside the stars. Nowadays I spend my time printing and creating new designs for the everyday person who loves to live their life outdoors.

Find us today at our two locations located in Cape Coral and Fort Myers Beach where I have been able to employ and give opportunities to young artists where they can pursue their art as a full time career - allowing them to grow within the business to positions that best suit their skills and passions so that they are able to support their dreams and families. 


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