• The solid aluminum 20″ x 36″ deck has drain holes in every corner and a 2″ perimeter lip to keep your load secure on the deck.

• Reinforced and raised undercarriages 2″ taller than our standard pull wagon.

• Glides easily through all standard entryways, doors and gates.

• Four-rod holder bolted to the aluminum deck with stainless steel hardware.  The rod holder attachment can be affixed to either side of the wagon or the rear.  Holes have been pre-drilled in the deck so you choose the placement of your rod holder.

• Each side of the aluminum walls slide into square tube receivers bolted to the wagon deck with stainless steel hardware.  The walls can each be removed independently.

• Four-11.8” balloon sand beach tires glide over the sand with ease. These low pressure sand tires make hauling your beach or fishing gear over the sand a breeze!

• Lightweight and rust resistant aluminum fabrication and stainless steel hardware.

• The ergonomic pull handle design allows you to maneuver the wagon along narrow pathways and turns on a tight radius.  The handle’s curved design eliminates the risk of tripping over the handle while not it use.


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